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Published on by thefake-vip

Hello, welcome to the Mundistry beta!

In this rewrite of Mundistry, we'll be using Laravel. This means we can quickly implement the features you need and allows us to fix bugs with ease. You can check back here for news on the rewrite.

While we work on the beta, the main Mundistry website is still fully functional and will continue to be up until the beta is complete.

We look forward to seeing you here again soon!

Published on by thefake-vip

We've just finished the replacement for beta 1.1's activity page. Now called "Notifications", this new log of events that have happened in Mundistry has several improvements:

New, unread notifications will be highlighted when you visit the notifications page. Once you've read these notifications, they'll be marked as read so you know what's hot and what's not. And thanks to the new unread message count next to the notification icon in the navigation bar, you can now see at a glance if you have notifications to read.

We have bigger plans for this system in the future, including:

  • A popover that displays your notifications, so you don't have to stop what you're doing and load a dedicated page. This will also update automatically without you needing to refresh.
  • Potentially push notifications, which would send you a popup notification when an important event happens. And of course, if we decide to implement this, you'll have full control over what is classed as an important event.

You can access the notifications page by clicking the bell icon next to the account menu on the right side of the navigation bar. Don't hesitate to report any bugs on our Discord server in #bug-reports

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