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Published on by billswax

Hello, welcome to the Mundistry Beta.

In this rewrite of Mundistry, we'll be using Laravel. This should make development faster and easier. This means we can implement more of the features you need, and allows us to fix bugs with ease.

While we work on the beta, the main Mundistry website is still functional. You can check here for news regarding the rewrite.

We look forward to seeing you here soon.

Published on by TheFake-VIP

There is now a page that lets you view the information relating to you or any other player in the game, much like the account.php and view_user.php pages. The new version has a much better layout and is much more responsive, making it way easier to use on smaller and larger screens alike.


The new page also sports a handy tab view that will eventually show a player's released singles and albums, as well as any reviews they have published of other players' albums. We may even add more tabs to this view overtime, such as collabs, concerts and more.


Of course, this is still a beta, so watch out for bugs and be sure to report them on the discord server in #bug-reports.


You can view the new page for your own account by going to /profile or for any other by going to /profile/<username>. For example, here's my profile page.

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